Where in the World are iTutorGroup Teachers: Sheffield, England

Episode 1

This is a series for  iTutorGroup consultants from all over the world.
As a big international family,
from more than 80 countries.
we would like to hear from you!

We can relate here,
from teaching inspiration to ideas for staying healthy,
here you will find a place to laugh, vent and get reinvigorated to teach.

❤️iTutorGroup Connects Us ❤️

This is the very first episode of the whole series.

And we have Joe M. with us today. 

Hi, I’m Joe.



Tell us a little bit about you and your hometown!

My name is Joe William Harry Milne.
Well I’m from Sheffield, England. It’s great for shopping, cafes, and more than anything—bars 😉

Sheffield is a city in South Yorkshire, known for its metalwork—particularly steel. Scissors, cutlery, and knives are just some of the popular steel items, which are hand-crafted in Sheffield.

Sheffield is also known for having some of the best beer and cocktais available in that side of England—not to mention the several trendy cafes that have popped up, due to the coffee hype over the last decade.












Share a story with us of you and iTutorGroup!

Well, I started in October 2015 with iTutorGroup.
iTutorGroup changed my life.
Haha, yeah I love this job so much.
I started teaching online whilst staying in a tiny, tiny, tiny, tiny one room apartment.

My friends in Lim, Peru recommended it. I was working for a language institute at the time. When I started, I was so motivated to keep working with iTutorgGroup that I moved apartment. Just to make sure I could have great Internet. 🙂 Allie Lin—my recruiter at the time—was amazed.

An unforgettable experience with iTutorGroup!

One of my most unforgettable experiences with iTutorGroup would be
Having a student that frequently and consistently came to my special classes. And I could see improvement over the course, I think it was a couple of years since she attended all of them. And I really feel like I connected with the student, although we never met face to face, but we still had that.

Shanghai 20th Anniversary event in May 2018.

What would you like to share with those who would like to teach in iTutorGroup?

❤️Join our internat!!!❤️

Having been with iTutorGroup for a number of years, here is what I’d share about what I’ve learned over the years

What You Need To Know About iTutorGroup

Ø  An Introduction to iTutorGroup:

iTutorGroup has been around since 1998, and it was not only a pioneer in online education, but also one that continues to grow and grow, and as one of the 20,000 (or more) teachers at iTutorGroup, I’m always motivated by the innovation that iTutorGroup brings to the table.

Ø  Who are we teaching?:

iTutorGroup’s clients come from either Taiwan, mainland China, or Japan, but the diversity doesn’t stop there. From university students, working professionals, managers, parents, retired workers, to preschool students, kindergarten students, elementary students and teenagers. The diversity in the client-base is massive.

Ø  Client expectations:

But what do they expect from you? They expect professionalism and visualized instruction,  they expect to learn something new, they expect to be corrected, and they expect to finish each class with a sense of achievement. A question that is worth asking yourself, is, what would you expect from an online teacher working for the global leader in online education? Standards are high, and that’s not something to be intimidated about, that’s something to be extremely proud about.

Ø  Presentation & Uniform:

When teaching at iTutorGroup, presentation is important. You need to wear a clean, red polo shirt and make sure your overall look is professional and presentable. That means doing your hair, and, in my case, trimming the beard. Personally, I always try to look a bit like a TV presenter when teaching, because they tend to look very presentable. A quick mirror-check before each class can save yourself a bit of embarrassment… what if you’ve got something stuck in your teeth? Nightmare.

Ø  Teaching with energy:

One of the most important things to remember, and something I’ve learned in my number of years at iTutorGroup, is to make sure you come into each session with energy, with enthusiasm, and with optimism. Starting a class with a smile, making the clients feel comfortable, and maintaining a warm atmosphere throughout the class is extremely important.

Thank you for reading.

— Joe M.


A big thanks to Joe!

Feel free to leave a comment below and meet everybody in this amazing big family!
Hello, from the other side of the world!
❤️ Also, we would LOVE to hear from YOU ❤️
You are more than welcome to Write For Us for this series “Where in the world are iTutorGroup Teachers”!
Looking forward to hearing from you!


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Claudia Otter
Claudia Otter

This is my hometown too! I’m proud to have the same accent as one of the best 😁

Lineth Correa
Lineth Correa

Way to go Joe! One of the best Teacher Reps we have in iTutorGroup =)

Sophia Sudak
Sophia Sudak

Awesome story. Beautiful photos. ^^ Miss England.

Maria Loza
Maria Loza

It´s great to hear other stories! As consultants I consider we have a very unique job! 😀 Greetings from Mexico.

Miguel Rangel
Miguel Rangel

Nice story!


Agreed! 🙂

Zafiria Mourelatos
Zafiria Mourelatos

Great to see such highly motivated colleagues!!! I am so proud to be a part of this team !!!

Julie Bonner
Julie Bonner

Hey Joe, I’m a few miles down the road from you near Matlock. I started just over a year ago and have just made Senior Consultant. I love the job and it’s had such a positive impact on my life. If there is one negative I would say it’s having no ‘real-life’ colleagues to share experiences and ideas with. Finding out you were just up the road made me start thinking if there’s a way iTutorGroup could link up teachers who are in say 1 to 2 hours’ drive of each other to form Meet Up Groups, to meet up… Read more »

Kim Scott-Menelaws
Kim Scott-Menelaws

I’m a UK based teacher too and welcome Julie Bonner’s idea to connect with other teacher nearby. Julie, you can Facebook message me and let’s see what we can do!

Sanja Spinola
Sanja Spinola

I moved to Sheffield in May last year, and must say I absolutely adore this city, although I didn’t saw all of it still. Maybe one day we can catch up for coffee and share experience of this job 🙂

David Stirling
David Stirling

Hi Joe, I’ve been with iTutor about a month and enjoyed your content from across differnet platforms. I’m from another ‘field’ in the North of England – Macclesfield! I used to go to Sheffield to practice on the dry ski slope (until they built the indoor slope in Manchester). Now living in Thailand.