TPR Hashtag Campaign

Dear Valued Consultant,

We’ve got some exciting news iTutorGroup is launching a campaign to raise awareness of Total Physical Response during lessons delivered on its platform.

Consultants are encouraged to take a simple picture or make a sticker of a TPR gesture to join the campaign.

Cheers!    Cough   I don’t know.  Sleepy


Consultants who share their photo or sticker on Instagram with @itutorandme #tprme #itutorgroup will be eligible to participate in the lucky draw at the end of the campaign.  The prize is a red “I am an iTutor” hoodie, which is perfect for the upcoming holiday season!

If you are unsure of how to make stickers, don’t worry – it’s easy and takes less than 3 minutes. The short video below demonstrates how to make a sticker with Instagram:



Consultants interested in learning simple and useful TPR gestures other than basic “listen, speak, look, great job” gestures are strongly encouraged to check out the New CLT – TPR Series from the below link:


iTutorGroup welcomes all consultants to join this campaign and raise awareness of a core teaching methodology which dramatically raises understanding of clients.






How do consultants join the iTG Facebook Group or follow iTG on Instagram?

Click on the icons on the Blog homepage to join and follow us:

When does the campaign end?

The campaign will continue until mid-December.


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