Spring Festival version of Demo material!

Dear vipJr big family, we are here to celebrate Chinese New Year in coming days. We would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to all of your mutual efforts teaching in vipJr community.

Chinese Spring Festival is the most important festival in China. It’s the biggest day to all Chinese people,because it emphasizes the importance of family values, and that is something that deeply resonate with Chinese people. In order to celebrate Chinese Spring Festival, we updated the Spring Festival version of our Demo material.

There are tons of teaching methods you can use to start your conversation talking about Chinese New Year and here are some teaching tips to share with you and hope can inspire some awesome ideas.

Start the class singing New Year Song

In order to celebrate  Chinese New Year, we prepared a new year song for you and our clients. Use it when you have a demo session during this period. It can help you be closer to your clients and improve their interests to have a class with you.

Of course we still keep the “Hello Song”.If it’s too difficult for you to learn the New Year’s Song,you can still use the “Hello Song”.


1Clap your hands with new year’s cheer.Clap your hands fout times.

2new year’s cheer(put left hand beside your left temple, put your right hand beside your right temple)

3new year’s cheer.(Wave your both hands)

4Clap your hands with new year’s cheer. Clap your hands three times, then open to the clients

5It comes around just once a year.Wave your hands to left side, then right and finally shake your hands.

Here’s a sample video, you can use that as a reference. You can stop whenever you want, you don’t have to learn the whole song.


Aslo you can click the palyer to learn that song. Hope you enjoy it.


2. New Year Decor

Kids love Chinese New Year, so new year stickers would be a great choice for you to get their attention and be part of Chinese Customs. You can visit manyCam website to search for “Chinese New Year.”



And then there are a lot of stickers. 2019 will be the year of pig, so you can choose some pig stickers to decorate your classroom and you can introduce it to your client when you teach the topic about animals.



3. Topic for Spring Festival

Spring festival has a family-reunion element, as the Chinese will return to their home town to be reunited with relatives. Hence we want to give our clients some ideas about family.

After the Alphabet, we have a topic about family.


You can teach it depends on the client’s English level. To those who have zero basis of English, you can teach them how to say the words and who is who, to name a few, who is mommy, who is daddy. And match the words with the picture.To those who are good at English, you can extend the topic a little bit. For example, what do your family do during Spring Festival? Do you like Spring Festival? Why do you like it?

Hope you can enjoy our new version.Happy New Year! 🙂 

Best wishes for all your wishes!





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Aneita W

I like the activity…. “Topic for Spring Festival”. Brilliant. Is this slide in the portal?