Share Your Ice Breaking Story– JOIN NOW

Welcome to our second contest !

Share Your Ice Breaking Story 

We see so many amazing ice breaking stories or activities each and every day in sessions and we want to share those inspiring icebreaking ideas in our iTutor community.
The theme for submissions is open, you can share your ice-breaking games, songs or activities. And the ice-breaking story could be either with young kids, kids or adults.
How you break the ice in the session, how do you magically get the students relaxed and start the class?
Simple ? Or Complicated ?
Up to you as long as it does the tricks !

How To Join ?

Steps to Enter:
Step 1. Fill in your name. (*)
Step 2. Fill in your email address. (*)
Step3. Tell us your teaching story in the Text Box.(*) For example, what do you do, what do you usually say and how you break the ice.
Step 4. Upload a pic and/ or a video clip.
Step 5. Sumbit and get excited 🙂 (*)

The fields with (*) are the ones you must fill in, and we would highly recommend you to include media in your story.

Naming your entry:
The correct format for valid entries (image/ video) is FirstName’s Image.jpg/ FirstName’s Video MP4 (< 25M)
Example: Effy’s Image.jpg    Effy’s Video.mp4

And it is about how you present your Ice Breaking Story, be creative and have fun  😄

Come and Join Us !
Upload Here




Send us your story before June 4.

🎉The winner will receive $50 🎉
Join Now !



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I submitted my video yesterday.. I am soo excited to hear the results.. when will they be announced?


Hi there 😉 The voting will start in about an hour ❤

Sara Fernandes
Sara Fernandes