Hello Teachers!

Have you ever found yourself in this scenario?

A student has not completed the online test before the Demo – you enter the classroom and the Level 1 Demo material is automatically loaded. You soon discover the student is actually at a much higher level. You do your best to adapt your teaching to meet the student’s needs. Wouldn’t it be great if you could indicate the correct English level to both the agent and the student?


What’s the solution?

After the Demo, exit the session and press the yellow Progress Report button immediately. This opens the new report writing section.



From the example below, you can see that a new “Update” button has been added – simply press it and select the correct level for the student. So simple and brilliant!


Coming Soon!

Talking to a nervous child or a child at a lower level can sometimes be difficult in Demos – so we have created some fun Demo stickers to help in these instances. You simply have to select the relevant sticker by clicking on it and the sticker will appear onscreen saying the phrase in Chinese. NOTE: This is currently only available for our Mainland Chinese market.


We are constantly working to enhance the Demo experience for both teachers and students, therefore we hope you enjoy these latest developments. Please contact us at with the Subject: New Demo Features if you have any further queries.


Happy Teaching!


Kind Regards,

Training Team




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