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Hi everyone,

I’m Joe. I started teaching ESL to refugees (as a volunteer) in my hometown, Sheffield, England. Six years ago, I moved to Lima, Peru, where I started teaching for International House Lima. That was where I really felt like I got my foot in the door and was ready for something brand new. I joined iTutorGroup in October 2015 and slowly reallocated my offline teaching to online teaching. I would never go back.

I’ve been with iTutorGroup since October 2015, and it’s been the journey of a lifetime. I’ve learned so much about so much at my time here. Culture, language, teaching, learning, and self-confidence are just some of the areas that I continue to learn so much about when teaching English to kids, teens, and adults of all levels. This job isn’t just a job, every day is an adventure with ups and downs and things going right and things going wrong. I’ve been through it all, and through my experience, I feel that I’ve gained a lot of insight and perspective, which I would like to pass on to you.

In my live training sessions, I don’t just read the slides to you. I unload everything that I think will help you in the target area (and other areas), I share my own experiences, I answer your questions, I give you tips and tricks, and most importantly, I have fun doing it. I’m passionate, and it’s contagious. Come in and see for yourself.



Here is the list of the CLT sessions for next week (in GMT+8 Beijing Standard Time)

Session Time Topic Trainer
2020/09/08 02:30 Take Time In: Time Management Tips for Online Teachers Nicole Lubing
2020/09/09 00:30 Get Shy Students Out of Their Shells Joe Milne
2020/09/11 04:30 Error Correction with Adult Beginners Amanda Erickson

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Looking forward to seeing you in the CLT sessions!


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I’m happy to be part of the training team. Any time I attend a CLT, I pick up something new; I learn something new. I think that CLTs are well worth it for anyone who wants to be the best teacher they can be.

Andrea Cecilia Garcia Rivera
Andrea Cecilia Garcia Rivera

Thank you Joe! I have joined some of your training sessions and I have learned many practical ideas such as: whispering the answer when students don’t remember so they don’t feel bad. I really like the quality of your videos. Well done!