Jr Dynamic…. all about the Big Bang!

Jr Dynamic….
all about the Big Bang

Dynamic- What is Dynamic?
Jr Dynamic is the revolutionary teaching material that we have just launched. The NEW Jr Dynamic material for demo’s aims to provide a fully immersive experience of real-life events rather than the current stand-alone topics. The student could interact with the teaching material and it is no longer an one-way learning journey.

We have trailed this with very positive feedback from Demo teachers, agents and most importantly students.


Why fix what isn’t broken?

In these times of constant distractions, it might be easy to capture the attention of students, but it is hard to keep learners engaged throughout the lesson. So, anything which is interactive is likely to connect with the student more purposefully than anything else.


What do the most impactful online learning programs have in common?

  • Their content inevitably grabs learners’ attention
  • They enable experimentation and “Learning by Doing
  • They exploit the most natural way of learning:  Playing
  • They include repetition.

Immersive learning is the process of learning with the usage of an interactive learning environment- it’s DYNAMIC! The material enables the learners to completely get immersed in a way that feels like they are experiencing it. It maintains their attention and is ultimately far more memorable. It makes teaching Demo’s easier too!!


Who are Jr Dynamic (Low Level) designed for?
The first of these have been written based on the theme of what’s inside a pet shop. This is aimed at level 0-2 students. This teaching material is especially helpful for zero basis English learners!


What are the highlights?
– Interactive material
– Immersive experience based on real life events.

Not only us, the consultants, but also the students could click on the items in the material. Either way, this breaks the ice.


Where to find the material?

The default teaching material in the session would be Oxford Plus / OUP, which is located on the left top corner. If you click on that, a drop-down menu will appear. You could choose the last one, Jr Dynamic, by clicking on it. Note that you could always swtich between those materials, so if you would like to change back to Oxford Plus/ OUP, you simply go to the drop menu and select the one you could like to use.





How to use the material?
Dynamic demo slides contain objects and or animals that become animated when clicked.

  • The teacher will see a white glove hovering over an object.

    First click the interactive tool on the left-hand bar indicated by a circle. Then click on the white glove to make the object become animated. It’s that simple.
  • We have a new function, named interaction button. Like any other function in the tool box, you need to enable it every single time after using other functions. For example, after typing down the student’s name in the board, you would like to click the little Go Button in the slide. Because when typing, the function “typing” is active, we will need to click on the “Interaction Button” again before interact with the Go Button.


Lesson Plan for Teaching
Jr Dynamic:

Let’s Go To The Pet Shop

Key: S: Student     T. teacher  words in purple

Before class

Download all the stickers that you need for the class. Create a folder, Jr dynamic The Pet shop. For this lesson plan, you will need the following props, or stickers: pet background or pet shop sticker from many cam, duck, fish, cat and dog.

You will also need to use the sound effects that are already uploaded on the platform. 

The Pet Shop Learning Objectives:

  • To learn the names of 5 animals: duck, cat, dog, fish and bird.
  • To learn simple sentence patterns:
    It’s a ../ The … says …../ There are……/I like/ I don’t like


Class Time
Slide 1.Title Slide

Say hello to S or sing hello song to the S. Get S’s attention by simply saying hello loud enough to hear and waving hands or sing hello song, and say “It’s time for class!” “Are you ready?” Lead the kids say I’m ready (with TPR nod head and two thumbing ,or OK) if S can, if S can not say I’m ready, only TPR is fine.—–1min


Slide 2. Name

Ask for S’s name. If S does not have an English name its fine, try to pronounce S’s Chinese name.

Introduce the words Daddy and Mommy? Ask them to copy and repeat these words using TPR. It’s a good idea to use props to help. Then say Let’s go to the pet Shop with Daddy and Mommy. –1 min 

DYNAMIC- the Green Go button is dynamic (click on it and watch the animal move)


Slide 3. The Pet Shop

Change the background to a Pet Shop a themed background or cartoon border (you can download them from ManyCam just search for animals or Pet shop or a cartoon border. You can create a folder of Pets and put your stickers in it, so that you can use them conveniently.)

Here you can see a pair of big eyes followed by the word look. Use TPR to teach the child the word look. Then there is the sentence ‘It’s a pet shop.’ Use TPR and props to teach them the phrase Pet Shop. Teach the children to say the sentence.

Give S a star  if S can say it perfectly, if there is something wrong with S’s pronunciation correct S and encourage say S to say it in a right way. For level One learners use the copy and repeat technique. For children with no English break the sentence into smaller parts.  To extend this, you can ask students “Do you like going to the pet shop?”, “Do you have a pet?”  1 min


Slide 4. Pets

Here we go!  On this slide you can teach them the names of four pets: bird, cat, fish and dog.

The sentence pattern is: ‘It’s a…’ Each animal is dynamic. Use the dynamic tool on the left-hand bar and then click on the white glove of each animal to make it move.

Say LOOK! (use TPR) It’s a …. (encourage the child to click on an animal or alternatively you click on an animal). TPR You say It’s a duck. Repeat for each animal You can build upon this page by including other pets or you can ask them the color of each animal.

Give S a star if S can say the sentences 😊
Use the sound effects already uploaded on the platform for each animal😊


Slide 5. Comprehension Question


Introduce the animal duck. Use props and TPR as necessary. Say “quack quack – duck” And then ask the question “Is this a duck?”  Encourage the student to answer yes or no.

The answer yes or no is dynamic. Say “Yes, it is!” use TPR to encourage the S to repeat the sentence.

This can be extended by repeating this question using different pets. Give S a star  if S can answer the question.


Slide 6. Let’s Match

On this slide encourage the student to use the onscreen tools to match the animal to the word. The first one is default setting an example for the student so that they will have an idea of what to do.

Give S a star  if S can match the animals.


Slide 7-9. Sentence Pattern: The…says…?


On each of these slides the animal is dynamic. Here you are teaching the sentence pattern: A … says…..

Begin by playing the sound effect already on the platform 😊
Please click on the Emoji button on the right hand side of the screen and select the Music Note, here you will find the mp3 sound effect for animals.

Say “ What does the cat say?”  Say “ Meow Meow” ask the S to repeat. Model the sentence using TPR; “A cat says meow meow meow”. To develop this, you could talk about the size of the pet, is it big or small?

Give S a star if S can make the sentences.


Slide 10-12. Let’s Count.

On this slide encourage the student to press the correct numeral and say the sentence.

Say “Let’s count” “How many cats?” Count and number the cats. Encourage the S to count with you. Ask he S to select the correct number. Say “There are 2 cats” use TPR to encourage the S to repeat the sentence.

Each number is dynamic, and the correct number will make the sentence complete.

Give S a star  if S can answer the question.


Slide 13. Summary & Extension

On this slide the animals are dynamic. Encourage the student to click on the animal which they like. Say “Do you like cats?” Use TPR and props to help. Repeat for each animal. Encourage the S to select their favorite animal. Each animal is Dynamic. Once chosen say “ Great TPR thumbs up. “ I like cats!”. You could extend this slide by discussing multiple animals.


Slide 14. Clossing

The stars are dynamic! This will help remind you to give 5 stars   to the pupil as when you click on 5 stars there is an eruption of fireworks!!

Today we went to the Pet shop! With Mommy and Daddy!
You are a very good student. With TPR. you can say / you can listen and you can do the action! Great job today. But it’s time to say good bye.

Feel free to use teaching props, ManyCam stickers to give the student encouragement, letting them know that they are great 🙂


Below are two sample videos by Michelle and Mila.



Consultant Live Training by Michelle:
Jr Dynamic, all about the Big Bang

We are so excited to annouce that
the entire series of
Jr Dynamic 
is launching SOON !


Q: What if the student is too little to click on the items on the screen?

A: When the student does not really have a clue on how to click on the item, we could show them by showing the student the mouse for instance, saying ‘click click click”. . Even the student is too young to click or draw line, we could still use this material by doing the work for them.


Q: Is the dynamic material only available for zero beginners?
A: The Jr Dynamic (Low Level) is the first one of the series we launch, and the dynamic material for higher level is coming soon;Jr Dynamic (Mid Level) and Jr Dynamic (High Level).


Q: How do I get more prepared to use Jr Dynamic material?
A: We embrace all kinds of teaching styles. So if you are a magician using ManyCam, then I would highly recommend you to prepare more stickers and facial effects of animals, numbers and colors etc. And if you are someone who prefers using teaching props, you could always get more relevant props and make sure that they are handy to use in sessions. The key is to making the learning process more interactive and fun.


We have receieved some really good ideas

Special Thanks to
Mila and Simona




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Charlotta Sofi Ryden
Charlotta Sofi Ryden

This truly looks awesome 😀


will we be having this in regular classes as well, or just demos?


Could we practice it in tutor meet?

Elia Barreto
Elia Barreto

Wow this looks amazing. I love this DYNAMIC material. Thank you!

Nicole Pavel
Nicole Pavel

It would be great if we could practice or see a video of a demo somewhere.


Fantastic. Love it.. 🙂

John Reece Alexander
John Reece Alexander

This is a great step forward.

I think MOST students are capable of clicking on these buttons… BUT, Demo Agents must assist in this, too, if things are to move as smoothly as possible.



Gayle Watson
Gayle Watson

Are the DEMOs still 15 minutes of teaching time then 2 minutes for the wrap up?

Catherine Gillanders
Catherine Gillanders

I haven’t figured out how to practice first…can you tell me what I have to do on the last page to bring in the five stars to make the fireworks go off- where do the stars come from ( eg do I have to press the glove five times etc) Thanks . This looks like fun

Clinton Singh
Clinton Singh

It is wonderful!!!! Great job Effy!


Effy – please can you send me the link also, thanks so much

Silke Buchner
Silke Buchner

This looks great. Can’t wait to actually try it out. 🙂

Cynthia Escobar
Cynthia Escobar

This is so cool!!! I can’t wait to try it out! Is there a way to download the materials to know which page is which?

Ingrid Fontenot
Ingrid Fontenot

Okay Effy, this looks like too much fun for me to miss out on. So please send me the link or slides in an attachment, just something. It’s too much to memorize (hahaha).


A good website with quality is amazing, which gives us a lot of knowledge every day with many new information that we have received throughout the year.

Gloudina Swart
Gloudina Swart

Very helpful, thanks