iTG—— My favorite dish video contest winners!

Welcome back to the iTG Short Video Channel!

We are glad to announce that we’re going to host a series of short video contests

Through these events you can get acquainted with many new friends and at the same time enjoy the fun and possibility, the cash prizes!

Long time no see our dear friends!


Here are the winners who have won the cash prizes for the Show and Tell: My favorite dish video contest!

We received many excellent favorite dish videos, and we are thrilled and delighted by your creativity and your cooking skills! (Oops, my mouth is watering again!)  The judges felt torn choosing only a top 16 videos.

Let’s have a look at the following video before we announce the TOP 16 videos which have won the cash prizes!


A hearty round of applause to them! Bravo!

Now, without further ado, it’s time to announce out winners. Let’s go!


The Bronze Prize


Roxanne——Simple Salad

Roxanne——Banana Smoothie

Silvia——Cornbread fish

Flavia——Cabbage Stew

Elja——Chocolate cake

Mila——Lekker Kos

Dyane——Filipino spaghetti


The Silver Prize 

Amel—— Savory Crepe


Lucy——Minced beef with basil




 The Gold Prize 

Yuri——Pasta     Dario——Alfajores


👑The Diamond Prize 👑



Congratulations to all the winning consultants!

If you did not win the prize, please do not down hearted as we are going to host a new short video contest.

The theme for our next contest is “Correct them: Common ESL mistakes, and the cash prizes are juicy as well.

You may win a cash prize in this contest!

For more information, please Stay tuned!

Thanks to all consultants for your participation during this busy season. Hope you had a lot of fun in making your video!

Feel free to leave a comment below if you have any question or feedback.

Offer the best teaching and have the most fun in iTutorGroup!

Stay tuned!



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Maria Loza
Maria Loza

Good job guys! 🙂 I´ll try to cook that lasagna soon, looks delicious!

Roxanne Picher
Roxanne Picher

Congrats Jason! (and everyone else….) I am hungry now!

Olga Slavuta Sorochynska
Olga Slavuta Sorochynska

Amazing recipes! Congrats, guys!


My mouth is really watering now 🤣 Such great videos everyone 🙋‍♀️👏👏


Congrats Jason and everyone else. Well done! Mouth watering videos…..