How to say goodbye

Do you feel a little bit awkward when you say goodbye to the children looking confused? Do you want to have more fun with them? Do you want to see smiles on their faces before your leaving? Do you want to give them some awesome impressions? Well, a goodbye song maybe a great choice.

We are glad to inform you that we have a new ending now! Instead of giving a summary which our children (4-6 years old) don’t quite understand, a goodbye song will increase their senses of participation. Children love music! It will eliminate the gap between you and your client! So let’s try it!

First, you will see the new ending page with the goodbye song which is very cute and clear. When you have 30s~50s left,you can tell your client,before we say goodbye,I want to sing a song for you.Or whatever you want to say as a conclusion.

Second, you can use your phone to play the goodbye song. (Later we will put the music in our class,and you don’t need to use your phone to play it.)But only singing is not enough. It would be great if you can use your body language and ask the client to do it with you in this exciting and interesting way. I’m sure he/she is gonna to love it. Besides, the gesture will help to build the link to the trace of memory. For children who have zero basis of English, they can both have fun and knowledge. As for the gesture part, you can use the following video as a reference. And we also have a literal statement if you need.

  • In the prelude part of this goodbye song, you have 10 senconds to continue your short conclusion or give the client some encourage words, or ask your client to show you his/her hands ,preparing for the song.
  • Goodbye, goodbye.(show you left hand, show you right hand and then wave your hands)
  • It’s time to go.(Imagine you have a watch on your left wrist, use your right fingers to point at your watch when you hear the word “time”. Then use two of your right fingers to walk pass by when hearing the word “go”)
  • Goodbye, goodbye (Same as 1)
  • I don’t want to go. (“I” two hands put on your chest; ”don’t want to” wave your two fingers with a sad face(to show the client you are not willing to go); ”go” the same as 3)
  • See you later, alligator(“See” use the TPR,” alligator” put your two wrists together and clap your hands.One time or three times,depending on you.)
  • Bye bye bye butterfly(“Bye bye bye” wave your hands; ”butterfly” imagine your arms are your wings and spread them)
  • (Wave your hands to say goodbye, and you don’t need to wait to the end of the song to say goodbye.)

And that’s all of it. Hope you will enjoy our new ending. If you have any good ideas, feel free to leave us a message. We would like to have feedbacks from you.


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Sophia Sudak
Sophia Sudak

I’m doing that in my next class 😀

Gloudina Swart
Gloudina Swart

Great idea:) Love this blog.

Aneita W
Aneita W

uh-mazing. I love this. Love the blog.
P.S beautiful t-shirt

james hall
james hall

Wow :O
Do you really do this though?

Ana Eslava
Ana Eslava

Just lovely! 🤩❤😊