How to play Mp4 Song Videos on TutorMeet Plus Step-by-step Guide with Pictures

Found it a little bit odd to sing without the accompaniment? 
Sometimes the lyrics are just on the tip of your tongue?
Or just wanna spice up your demo sessions?

Children love songs and will want to hear them over and over again, which make songs perfect not just for language learning and vocabulary acquisition, but also for energy boost and fun.

The new built-in feature is now launching in the classroom!

Now you can play the hello song video and goodbye song video in the classroom for students to warm up and loosen up.  And it is really simple to do so. ♥




Why Play the Video?
Singing songs with the kid can be loads of fun, so we include those two songs in the classroom to make it dynamic and relaxing learning environment. This can be extremely helpful at the beginning of a session. For starters, Hello Song could be used as an icebreaker to dissolve the tension or nervousness there might be there in the classroom. Plus it is upbeat and fun so kids will respond well to it!

And after learning a few topics, it is time to say goodbye. Why not do it in a cheerful and peppy way? Just click on the Goodbye Song clip and sing along with your student! This song incorporates actions which will quite helpful to bring the class to a close in a warm and fun way. By the way, this catchy song might stuck in your head for the rest of the day though 😉

Who Should I Play the Songs To?

Young English learners love songs and dance. And those two songs are for young kids who are under 8 years old.

When To Play the Songs?
After you enter the session and wave your hands to your lovely student saying hello, you could play the Hello Song. And please remember it is not just simply play the clip, the key is to singing and doing the gestures along the melody to start the class off on an energetic note and get the student thinking in English.

It is never easy to say goodbye, well, the adorable Goodbye Song can be a great transition to finish things up. After doing the wrap up, play this clip! This action song is a great way to add some clapping and movement in for kids that has lots of cheer.



How to play the songs?

Step 1
To get started, click the Play Related Video Button.


Step 2
Click on Music Button.

Step 3

Choose the video you would like to play from the appeared drop down menu.
Click at the Hello Song at the beginning of the session;

Click at the Goodbye Song  when it is time to say goodbye to your lovely student;


Step 4
Click on the Play Button to start the Mp4.

Step 5

Click on the Close Button to close the window and continuen your session.

The step is exactly the same to play the Goodbye Song 🙂



Question: Do I need to sing along with the video?

Answer: You do 🙂 Ask the student to clap hands with you during the prelude, and then do the gestures while playing the video, have fun!
And since there is a bit of delay, it is best if we just clap hands and do all the gestures while playing the video clip.


Question: Do I need to teach the students sing those two songs?

Answer: It is not about teaching them how to sing the song, we include the songs to create positive atmospheres and get wiggles out. As long as the student is mumbling the lyrics and doing the accompanying motions with you, it is working!

Question: Do I have to play the songs for all my sessions?
Answer: Play and sing the songs for young learners, students who are under eight years old.


♥ Happy Teachers Make Happy Students. ♥
Have Fun 🙂


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Great, the young students will love this!


How about the lag? Is there a lag if we sing along? We were told not to actually sing along with the recording on OUP sessions, just to imitate singing, because it would sound bad, since the teacher’s voice wouldn’t be in sync with the recording. Is that a problem here? Or is it fixed now so that we can actually sing?


I too wonder about the lag and the problems that might occur if we attempt to sing along with the videos. There is sometimes a bit of a delay – and singing along might confuse the student and defeat the purpose of the music.

Monica Wolf
Monica Wolf

I´ll try it in my next class! thanks!

Joe Milne
Joe Milne

Love it, thanks! Can’t wait to start using this.


Thanks for the blogpost! When I saw the announcement about using the song I wasn’t sure how to do it, but this was straightforward and informative.

Darrie Edge
Darrie Edge

all of the music in the lessons are lagging. Even your demo is lagging now….