How do you give a star?

Warning: You’re Losing Your Money With Not Fun Teaching

I suppose that the first time you’re involved in Online Teaching, you definitely want to ask yourself: How should I do my own teaching style? How on earth did the fun teaching become the best? Even reward kids with magic? Like give a star?

——Dunno exactly.

So How? Let’s find out!

Well, Here it is: 

He Did What? Hmm…MAGIC? Reward kids with magical star! Well, here is 1 Secret About Fun Teaching:

ManyCam_Your Live Streaming Teaching Experience Enhanced

And if you are a Complete Beginner, I’m sure it can be your Guide to Fun Teaching.

Even the greats can be improved upon. 

Ooooooo! We likey the magic.

Think left and think right and think low and think high.

Oh, the things you can think up if only you try!

C’mon and Use the Magic Star for Now! 



Many thanks to dear teacher Clinton Singh for the video sharing! : )  

And want more about the fun teaching tips, well then share em’ with us in the comments! Five more comments, get one more fun tip. Welcome to Share! : )


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Clinton Singh
Clinton Singh

The trick to a successful Junior Lesson is through CONSTANT ENGAGEMENT!!! The minds of the kiddo’s wander freely, it is your job to direct their thoughts into a conducive learning state.
Happiness, laughter and fun in a controlled manner are the key elements in bridging the gap between fun and learning.
A happy child will remember knowledge that is associated with happy feelings at the time of learning.
Therefore, use rewards, make the your reward system inviting, make it happy, make the child smile…

Ena Bär
Ena Bär

In my experience, rewards should only be given when the student made a “big” achievement, e.g. completed an exercise without any mistakes, read a sentences/paragraph really well. Fake rewards for only minor achievements will ruin a student’s intrinsic motivation. If he /she gets a reward for a small achievement, there is no motivation to achieve better. But, I definitely think, that achievement should be rewarded! (Also, impressive use of ManyCam!)

Aneita W
Aneita W

pretty neat

Sindhamoney Naicker
Sindhamoney Naicker

Hi, I am a newbie:) .. please forgive my asking how does one set up this manycam


Hi there, I know it was a while ago since you posted this but I was wondering if you received any advice/instructions on how to set up manycam? I am a newbie and am curious about manycam and it’s use.
I’m also wondering how to allow students access to write/draw on the whiteboard with their mouse…
Any help much appreciated