Enhance blackboard usage

How to  implement your toolbox usage into real time teaching? It’s the most common question for consultants who are green hand to online teaching. Every student expect to see class notes to have the video replay or you are just talking too fast and they might lost you so it’s essential to have the class notes for every page.


Here are some standard requirements for the class note:

  1. colorful
  2. Clear & intact
  3. Diverse


It might be that you are not familiar tutormeet plus platform. No worries!


Practice Practice Practice makes perfect 😊


Go to https://consultant.tutorabc.com >>  Training  >>  TutorMeet Plus Practice

Play around with the toolbox



Make your class note fun and clear


When teaching, it is crucial to organize your class note, make it clear and easy to follow, otherwise students may lose your point easily.

Let’s compare the following examples!

Example 1:

Which one is better?

Well, the first one is not exactly wrong, but the second class note, it is more colorfuand attracting to kids. It aslo includes more contents.


Example 2:


Which one is better?


Clearly, the first one is just a boring standard class note. Circle every 26 alphabet and ask kids to repeat over and over again.

The second one is much more better, consultant does not teach material restricted to the page content, questions are diverse

Break into syllables for the long name; Number the subject so clients can see clearly; Color the subject;


Example 3:

Which one is better?

The first consultant seem to just doodle  and doesn’t contain any class note, clients need to review the class lesson as video replay so it’s crucial to keep your note Clear & intact Type down your conversation for the class note.


Let’s see some examples for the ending

Example 4:

This page is designed for higher level junior students when they can understand longer sentence. Keep your class note clear and intact and do quick recap



Example 5:

This page is designed for lower level junior students, you don’t need to do the recap, simply color the 5 stars in highlighting pen and say goodbye.



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Ciprian Paraschivu
Ciprian Paraschivu

The Whiteboard is absolutely amazing. It has everything you need to make the session memorable. I always draw the words to junior students and use arrows to relate different words to pictures or sentences. Draw, write, color! Making it visual really helps the learning process. Don`t be shy! Go crazy with the whiteboard! ^_^

Roxanne Picher
Roxanne Picher

These are excellent tips and reminders for all.

Anna-Lise Cordell
Anna-Lise Cordell

Roxanne. What about student use of the blackboard? Please can you tell me how to give the student control of the pen in tutuormeet+?


I still have not worked that one out unless they have a pen on their screen already?

Jonathan Smith
Jonathan Smith

Good tips!

Noeleen Clarke
Noeleen Clarke

Thank you! Some great tips here ☺️