Best Props Winner Announcement

We want to send a big thank you to everyone who participated in our Best Teaching Contest and helped make it a success!

Now it is time to annouce the winner!

Princess H

And a special congratulations Princess H,
the winner of the $50 Prize in our Best Props Contest!

Her teaching props story entry (see below) received 30% votes,
the most of any entrant, and as been crowned the winner!


Winner: Princess H


Thanks again to every single entrant and everyone who has voted.
Each and every one of the teaching story is every inspiring!
❤ Thank You All

And we would also want to give the special thanks to Sophia and Lilibeth, who received 23.5% and 15% votes
Also, special thanks to April F who presented with a great various of teaching props.
Below are their video clips:

Sophia H
Lilibeth P
April F


Thank You All  For Your Support 🙂

The Next Event Share Your Ice Breaking Story is coming on

Stay Tunned
Don’t Miss Out ♪(^∀^●)ノ


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