Always Leave Your Demo Client With A Smile

Ever been to a cabaret show? At the end of the night, what did you remember most: that awkward moment the announcer fumbled the punchline of a joke? Or the grand finale with singing, dancing, and the crowd cheering? Psychologists have long observed the phenomenon of recency bias: people have clearest memories of the end of an experience. This is why it’s so important to finish your demo on a positive note!

We need to make sure our clients’ strongest memory of their demo is a great one. How do we achieve this? Let’s explore some tips!


Giving Feedback


Demo lessons include slides with opportunities to give your students feedback. It’s important to use these to praise your students and make them feel good, while suggesting areas of improvement—enticing them to come back.

  • Use a “compliment sandwich” to give feedback. Compliment, actionable item, compliment. “You are good at reading! Keep studying English with iTutorgroup, and you can improve your vocabulary! Excellent work today! See you soon!”
  • When possible, make personalised, constructive comments. For advanced students, don’t just say “You’re great!”, but rather, “You have excellent vocabulary. You can use your iTutorgroup lessons to improve your confidence and creativity.”
  • Grade your language. There’s no point in complimenting a student’s “pronunciation” if they don’t understand the word. Plus, if a student’s comprehension is too low, it’s best to leave your suggestions for the progress report.


Here are some examples.


Low-Level/Junior Students

Teacher: Well done, (student name)!


(play cheer sound)


You (TPR: “you”) are good (TPR: thumbs-up) at speaking! (TPR: make puppet “talk” motion; write “speaking” on the board)


Do you (TPR: “you”) like (TPR: heart hands) English today?


Student: Yes, I do!


Teacher: Good job! See you next time! (waving) Bye!


Intermediate to High Level/Adults

Teacher: It’s nice to meet you today!


Student: Thank you. It’s nice to meet you, too.


Teacher: Your English is very good—you have excellent pronunciation. (Write on board: excellent pronunciation) In lessons with iTutorgroup, we can help you improve your grammar. (Write: improve grammar) You are a brilliant student! I know you will do well!


Student: Thank you!


Teacher: Did you enjoy the lesson?


Student: Yes, I did.


Teacher: Great! Will you study with us again?


Student: Yes, I will.


Teacher: See you next time!


Things to Remember

  • Don’t Rush


Allow a minute at the end of your demo to round things off. If you are racing against the clock, your mind already on your next class, you’re not giving your full attention to the client at the moment it matters most. Besides, if you panic or let your mind wander, your speaking speed may increase, which will be confusing to an English learner. So: slow down. Ask your client how they think the session went, giving them enough time to respond properly.


  • Spare Time? Consolidate Language!


Finished the feedback slide with time to kill? Review the vocabulary you used throughout. For lower levels, prompt words using props and flashcards—eg. “What’s this?” (showing a puppet). For higher levels, you can simply say “Tell me one word we learned today”. Consolidating language at the end of a lesson helps the student retain it, and gives them a sense of accomplishment. They will come away feeling that in just 15-25 minutes, they have already made progress in English.


How do you make sure your demo client leaves with a smile? Share your tips and tricks below!


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