All about demo: Making more money

This is a series of special CLT sessions:All about demo.

We’ll invite our MDCs(Master Demo Consultant) and superdemo consultants

to share their secrets for high rating and sign up rate.

Here we’ve got Joe with us for the first special CLT session.

CLT1: Making More Money

Who is Joe?

Joe is from England and based in Peru. He have been working with iTutorGroup for nearly four years. He is pretty extroverted (in the classroom), energetic, creative, efficient and a team-player..He is one of our MDCs(Master Demo Consultant) and superdemo consultants who has succulent sign ups and high ratings.

If you want to know about him you can click:Where in the World are iTutorGroup Teachers: Sheffield, England


What is this CLT about?

High rating, experienced teacher, tons of demos,but still have few sign ups???

Well,if you have such concerns,this CLT may give you some inspiration.

Joe will share his secret recipe for succulent sign-ups in demos, that is… connection.

His best and most sincere teaching win him high ratings, but the good connection with his client helps him stand out and win lots of sign ups.

And his keys to have good connection is: Be curious,be playful and be in the moment.

Have no idea what does that mean? No worry. In this video,he’ll explain that to you.

Also he’ll show a few examples easy to put into practice, so you can use them  in your own sessions.




A special thanks to Joe.❤❤❤

Next week we’ll have Tim with us for the second special CLT

“All about demo: How to be laid-back?”

If you’re interested in it

Quickly go reserve your spot in your consultant page >> Training >> Live Sessions


❤Feel free to leave a comment below.❤

And let us know how you feel about it

and what’s your expectation for our special CLT sessions.

We may have a special special one depending on your needs:)




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Amanda Patricia Roodt
Amanda Patricia Roodt


Thanks so much for the help,

blaithin Nugent
blaithin Nugent

Thank you 🙂 I love teacher Joe and will definitely be watching his youtube channel videos!!

Ela Vukmirovic
Ela Vukmirovic

I like this teacher, bc i find him the most collected and calm, and i like that he has his own way..and without the end we give classes of English not acting classes or whatever..this video calmed me down, while other made me anxious 🙂

Maria Teresa Brueggeman
Maria Teresa Brueggeman

Awesome ! Thank you Joe!!!