All about demo: How to be laid-back?

This is a series of special CLT sessions:All about demo.

We’ll invite our MDCs(Master Demo Consultant) and superdemo consultants

to share their secrets for high rating and sign up rate.

Here we’ve got Timothy with us for the second special CLT session.

CLT2: How to be laid back?


Who is Tim?

Tim is based in South Africa and have been working with iTutorGroup for nearly three years. He is pretty extroverted , easygoing and playful. Also a team player. He is one of our MDCs(Master Demo Consultant) and superdemo consultants, who has done more than 9,000 LVP sessions and has a pretty good sign up rate.


What is this CLT about?

In this video, he will share his experiences about how to get well prepared for your demo sessions and have sign ups at ease.

Tricks to be known,detours to be avoided. You will benefit a lot from his sharing.

Varieties of clients, no ideas to choose topics, consective sessions and no time for reports?

Well,if you have such concerns,this video may give you some inspiration.

He wins sign ups at ease due to good preparationa and flexibility.

And his keys to be laid back is: Teaching props, topics and templates.

In this video, he’ll share his unique experience with you how to use the props, how he prepare the topics from a fresh hand and how he use templates to save time.

Also he’ll show a few examples easy to put into practice, so you can use them  in your own sessions,



A special thanks to Tim.❤❤❤

Next week we’ll have Manny with us for the third special CLT

“All about demo: Less efforts, more sign ups”

If you’re interested in it

Quickly go reserve your spot in your consultant page >> Training >> Live Sessions

❤Feel free to leave a comment below.❤

And let us know how you feel about it

and what’s your expectation for our special CLT sessions.

We may have a special special one depending on your needs:)



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Roxanne Picher
Roxanne Picher

Very helpful!

Ela Vukmirovic
Ela Vukmirovic

Very kind and helps a lot to know how hard some people are working out there..