All about demo: Flexibility, key to a good session

This is a series of special CLT sessions:All about demo.

We’ll invite our MDCs(Master Demo Consultant) and superdemo consultants

to share their secrets for high rating and sign up rate.

Here we’ve got Jovica with us for the seventh special CLT session.

CLT7: Flexibility, key to a good session

Who is Jovica?

Jovica is from Serbia. He have been working with iTutorGroup for nearly 3 years. He is curious, outgoing and dilligent.He is one of our MDCs(Master Demo Consultant) and superdemo consultants who has won the third Prize in Demo Sign Up Thrones.His rating is up to 9.91 and he has won the third prize in Sign Up Thrones with more than 60 sign ups last month.


What is this CLT about?

In online sessions, you could meet different awkward situations. 

The client stays silent, the kid doesn’t want to have the lvp session, you chose a wrong topic at the beginning, the client doesn’t show up for the session.

Daddy/mommy keeps helping the kid? Background noises from the client’s side?

Different opinions on level replacement with the agent? Agent messes my teaching slides? Agent teaches the kid before I enter my session?

No client in the room? Connection problems affect the teaching/learning experience?

If you do have these questions and have met some of these difficulties, this CLT is designed for you.

You will never know what kind of client you will meet,what kind of problems you will have in your sessions.

Hence,in this CLT, Jovica will share with you how he faces different awkward situations and still performs good in his sessions to get sign ups.

According to his teaching experience, he will talk about it from four aspects: Clinets, Parents/Friends, Agents and Technical issues.



Notes: Please wait for at least 5 minutes if the client is late for the session.

A special thanks to Jovica.❤❤❤

Next week we’ll have Daniel with us for the eighth special CLT

“All about demo: Quick leveling,better outcome”

If you’re interested in it

Quickly go reserve your spot in your consultant page >> Training >> Live Sessions


❤Feel free to leave a comment below.❤

And let us know how you feel about it

and what’s your expectation for our special CLT sessions.

We may have a special special one depending on your needs:)


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Gloudina Swart
Gloudina Swart

Thank you Jovica, interesting presentation

Mina Irving
Mina Irving

A very informative session – thank you Jovica!
I missed the live session so it was great to watch it on the blog.

Natasa Kovacic-Horvath
Natasa Kovacic-Horvath

Great CLT session. Very informative and helpful. Thank you Jovica.

Ela Vukmirovic
Ela Vukmirovic

Thank you for a demo, great job!

Ela Vukmirovic
Ela Vukmirovic

tips for demos

Elaine Russell
Elaine Russell

This teacher failed to use appropriate articles!