【September 2020】Ongoing Programs and Events

ITG’s Next Topper – The Optimized Curriculum for Adults’ Mock Teaching Competition

Who can attend?

Any iTutorGroup Teacher who has a passion for teaching adults.

How to attend?

Submit your 3-minutes mock teaching video by using the new adult teaching materials below.



When to attend?

We are open for submission until September 27th, 2020.

Where to submit?

Please send your video and wetransfer link via teachercommunity@itutorgroup.com

⏺ What is wetransfer?

What’s the prize?

All-Round Champion: $50 ✖ 2

Most Innovative Teacher: $30 ✖ 2

Most Popular Teacher: $30 ✖ 2

👉 Tips to Make Impressive Submission


iTutorGroup Star Teacher Bio Program – Introduce Our Teacher Community to Wider Audience

Would you like to be our monthly star consultant and represent our teacher community? Starting from June, we’ve introduced one lovely and dedicated teacher each month to our junior clients. To join the election, simply send us your best life photo(s) with a demo video, and your introduction in the text including educational background, teaching experience, motto, interests, hobbies, etc.

Photo Requirements:

  1.  Dress properly and maintain a professional appearance
  2.  High definition picture(1080P or above)
  3.  The picture shows you from the waist up and your full face from the front
  4.  Sufficient light to show your face clearly
  5.  Put on your brightest smile
  6.  No filter, special effect, or subtitle
  7.  Solid color background preferred

Please see the example below(hand gesture is not required):


Video Requirements:

  1. Briefly introduce yourself, your country, and your culture.
  2. How would you describe yourself as an iTutorGroup teacher? What are your teaching skills?
  3. What did you gain from being a teacher at iTutorGroup?
  4. What do you want to say to a new iTutorGroup student?
  5. The full presence of your face
  6. A clear voice over
  7. With a professional attire (better with the red polo)
  8. Under a proper lighting environment
  9. Under 2 minutes length
  10. a resolution above 720p

Benefits for you:

  1. Massive exposure to clients and gain potential favorites from students
  2. Start your personal brand with iTutorGroup
  3. Increase your influence in teacher’s community
  4. Achieve long-term partnership with further programs

October election will be open for submissions until Sep 25th – simply send in your application via teachercommunity@itutorgroup.com.

*If your file is too large to be sent via email, please use wetransfer.com to share your file with us.

Selected star teachers will be able to get a $25 paid task for the first official Teacher Bio video production, and will be able to join our long-term Teacher Bio Program!


Teeth Care Day – Show Your Bright Smile

Have you ever been complimented by your student about your beautiful smile?

Do you enjoy a class full of joy and laugh?

Our students love how you start the class with your BRIGHT SMILE!!



The Chinese Teeth Care Day – the day we spread oral health awareness among individuals. We believe caring for our teeth can not only reduce our spending on dental expenses but also bring out the best smile of us!

Share your confident smile picture below and send it via teachercommunity@itutorgroup.com. Join us to spread the power of a smile and win a slice of the 😍$100 prize pool!


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