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Demo Material Updates!

Ch- ch- ch changes!  We are pleased to announce our Level 1 and 2 material updates. Why change level 1? What’ new in Level 1? Why change Level 2? What’s new in Level 2?...


ManyCam Step 1 2 3

  3 Steps to be ManyCam Master    Step 1: Installation   Step 2: Setting   Step 3: Different effects- Virtual helper   Congratulations! You have achieved 74%. Practice in real class to reach...

【September 2020】Ongoing Programs and Events 0

【September 2020】Ongoing Programs and Events

ITG’s Next Topper – The Optimized Curriculum for Adults’ Mock Teaching Competition Who can attend? Any iTutorGroup Teacher who has a passion for teaching adults. How to attend? Submit your 3-minutes mock teaching video by...